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Our Collection : Vintage and Featured Artist

Our current featured artist, Victor Pereyra, is a wonderful designer whose work we truly admire for its uniqueness and design.  His signature pieces are his sterling bracelets encrusted with semi precious stones set with bezels that are framed on an oxidized background for a bracelet that really catches the eye. Each is truly a work of art with each stone cut and polished perfectly to create a masterpiece of design.   We have never seen work like this by any other artist.  His pendants are very detailed as well and feature beautiful stones of great size.  He has great vision of what works well together, which is clearly evident in every piece he creates.

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SOLD!! Fabulous Filigreed Earrings with Birds E-GM0004
These great clip earrings are copies of a pair that Frida Kahlo wore in a photograph she posed for...CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE DETAILS
SOLD!! Collector Quality Intricate Intricate leaf and Ball Design Bracelet with Mexican Amethyst B-IN1002
This is a beautiful vintage Fred Davis inspired bracelet from Taxco...CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE DETAILS
Horacio de la Parra Mexican Man Pin PB-IN1033
I have to be honest with you, we love this pin/brooch of a Mexican man! We love it so much that we hesitated to part with it!...CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE DETAILS