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Vintage Native American Storyteller Concho Belt BLT-GM0011
Product Features:
Collectors of Native American Indian jewelry understand how important this piece is. Each Concho is hand cast plus hand stamped with a different design telling a story in pictures of life living in a pueblo. They show people growing corn, grinding corn, digging clay, making pottery, and firing pottery. This could be a museum piece! The storyteller Concho belt was rare long ago, and even rarer today. This is a piece we had planned on keeping, but you can only collect so much!

The buckle is 3 � inches by 2 � inches. Each Concho is 2 � inches long, with a total of 10 Conchos.

When acquired, the leather belt was in very bad shape. We have since had it replaced with natural saddle leather.

Markings are "AB" in stylized letters with a name "J. Bluejacket".
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