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Victor Pereyra Pure Silver Macaw Pin / Brooch PIN-MM0056
Product Features:
Another great pure silver pin / brooch by Victor Pereyra featuring a Macaw bird. The pure silver is detailed so you can see each feather beautifully carved onto the bird. Pure silver is softer than sterling, which allows him to be very specific in his details. Notice how the Macaw is perched on a limb. Great detail encompasses all of Victor's designs which is why we love to collect his work.

The piece will not tarnish as easily as sterling since sterling has a copper alloy in it which causes the metal to tarnish over time.

The clasp that is attached to the pin is marked "925" which gives the piece a secure pin and closure. Therefore, the "925" stamp is not indicative of the silver content of the pin itself, but rather the clasp that is attached to each piece.

27.4 grams pure silver

4 inches long by 1 inches wide
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