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Late 1800's Tortoise Shell Comb CMB-IN1056
Product Features:
This is a wonderful comb featuring beautiful yellow and dark brown tortoise shell which has been carved into an exquisite design. The comb has four wide teeth. It is not unusual to see small chips and imperfections on these old tortoiseshell pieces and this one has a small crack near one of the teeth as shown in the photo, however, it does not distract from the wonderful beauty of the comb. Slight imperfections in tortoise shell is normal.

Tortoise shell comes from the hawksbill turtle and is endangered which makes owning a real tortoise shell comb that much more of a treasure. Tortoise shell varies from mottled brown, yellow, to dark brown. The advantage of using tortoiseshell is that the shell could be made moldable by heating and as the piece cooled, it would harden and take its new shape.

The comb measures 4 3/8 inches wide and is 6 5/8 inches long, of this length, the teeth of the comb account for 2 6/8 inches of this total length
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