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Beautiful Floral Filligree Yalalag Cross PD-IN1037
Product Features:
This wonderful ornate cross, called a Yalalag cross, is named after the town east of Oaxaca, San Juan Yalalag. The crosses made in this town, are exquisite and vary in design and have been made in this town since the sixteenth century. Sometimes the pendants hanging from the cross are larger than the cross itself! The Yalalag women wore their crosses on strings of beads, polished seeds, or trade beads. The crosses are highly sought after and hard to find. This cross has beautiful ornate flower filigree, typical of the Yalalag crosses, and has a tiger eye set into the center. Hanging from the cross are smaller crosses with the same ornate floral filigree. The necklace has wonderful patina which really highlights the filigree on this piece!

The cross measures 4 inches long by 2 inches wide.

Markings are JCB eagle 1 Taxco Mexico 925

Weight is .50 ounces.
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