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One of Margot de Taxco's Very First Designs - Heart Necklace and Matching Bracelet S-IN1032
Product Features:
One of Margot van Voorhies Carr�s (Margot de Taxco) first pieces she created after her divorce from Antonio Castillo, leaving Los Castillo Taller, and starting out her own workshop in 1948.

We love this designer for her feminine designs. Before Margot de Taxco started creating such pieces, the silver making industry was comprised predominately of males creating jewelry for females. The men silversmiths were using their own wrists for the shape and fit of the bracelets. Margot made Taxco jewelry with a beautiful flow of femininity that had not been seen before.

The necklace features Arts and Crafts hearts strung on a silver wire. The pattern is beautiful � heart next to a bead, next to a heart, next to bead. The hearts are made with very thick silver and an oxidized background. The oxidization makes the stylized hearts really stand out. The gorget (bib) has beautiful patina.

The cuff bracelet features the same heart design as the gorget (bib) on the necklace. The combination of the patina and the oxidization makes this set stunning!

The gorget (bib) on this necklace measures 3 1/8 inches across and the necklace is 15 inches long. The cuff measures 6 � inches long and across the top measures 2 7/8 inches.

Both pieces are marked �Margot de Taxco 5195 Sterling Made in Mexico� which indicates this is one of her very first designs as pieces we see from her earlier work is stamped in this 5100 series. Her first known work was stamped 5100. According to this inventory number, this was one of her very first pieces. Necklace weight is 2.50 ounces. Bracelet weight is 2.30 ounces blender chauffant
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